Instructions for Authors

The deadline for paper submission is October 15th, 2018.

Electronic submissions of papers must be made exclusively through the "Submission form".

Submit only PDF files.

There is no maximum limit for co-authors and no limit of papers for author. Do not forget to enter ALL co-authors in the submission of paper.

The Coordination of the XIX SBSR changed the format of the paper to make the evaluation process more agile and efficient. From now on, the papers should be complete articles and submitted in up to 04 (four) pages, including figures, tables, formulas and references, in pdf.

Formatting rules of the papers for the XIX SBSR are described in the file below. Use the format of this file as a basis for writing your paper and DO NOT NUMBER THE PAGES.

Modelo em word                  Modelo em LATEX 

Template in word                 Template in LATEX

Submitted papers will be reviewed by a Technical and Scientific Committee and Collaborator composed of professionals of all areas of interest. The following topics will be considered:

  • Importance and originality;
  • Theme relevance and adherence to the conference scope;
  • Scientific rigor and quality of data analysis;
  • Text clearness and presentation quality;
  • Format according to the instructions.

Approved papers may be presented in the Technical Session or in the Interactive Panel Session, according to the recommendation of the Technical and Scientific Committee.

Note: Every form of plagiarism, intentional and willful copying, or intellectual dishonesty, misrepresentation, crime of forgery, tampering, removal of the source or omission of identification of its creator, including the addition of author stranger to the paper or changing the sequence of authors should be restrained, repressed and punished. The Organization of XIX SBSR is not responsible for any case of plagiarism, and Author (s) / Co-author (s) are fully responsible for taking the appropriate actions.