Special Edition of Sensors


There will be a Special Issue entitled "Remote Sensors for Applications at Multi-Acquisition Levels and Resolutions" to be published by Sensors with the submission deadline of 31 August, 2019. The average processing time (from submission to publish online) of Sensors is 44 days.

The scientific committee of the XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing (XIX SBSR) will indicate papers submitted to the symposium with potential to be published at the Special Issue of Sensors.

After indications authors will be formally invited to submit a paper for the journal.

Those authors that were not selected by the scientific committee are also encouraged to submit their articles.

The papers will then follow the same peer review criteria applied to all submissions to the journal in order to maintain the quality of the publication. Therefore, we would like to stress the importance of submitting high technical and scientific quality papers.

We hope to count on the community for having a XIX SBSR with an outstanding scientific level and several of the submitted articles to be published in the Special Issue of Sensors.

See the link of the "Call for Papers".